My Story


Hello and Welcome!

I am a fine artist living on the Canadian prairie, but wish that I lived near the beach in New Zealand (maybe one day!).  I enjoy creating art in a variety of mediums - painting, weaving, embroidering, felting all in an array of muted natural colours. My forethought in creating any and all work is to express the beauty found in snippets of moments in life onto my canvas. I feel that painting abstractly - skyscapes, landscapes and oceanscapes - helps me to depicts these moments in time.

My current work is influenced by my natural surroundings - the Canadian prairies and the Rocky mountains - but also from my travels through New Zealand, Iceland and Europe.  I love to depict nature in the abstract through the use of muted, neutral and organic colours. There is something so serene about the process of painting skyscapes and landscapes that I want to translate that feeling with the colours I use. My hope is to translate this serenity to my viewers.

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world
— Brené Brown

Artist Statement

That quiet moment in nature when you create a mental snapshot; wondering how long will you remember that snippet of time before it dissipates from your memory. That moment you scramble to keep - I keep mine through the process of painting. Each brushstroke working with the next until that moment is captured. There is beauty in each of these tranquil moments and the final product is where I bare my story to the world on my canvas. Exposing the fluid movements of the sky and earth for everyone to share. The prairies, the mountains, the oceans – these moments are everywhere and yet stay with us for a finite amount of time.