my story

Photo by Heart and Sparrow.

Hello and welcome, I am so glad that you are here!

I am a fine artist living on the Canadian prairie, but wish that I lived near the beach in New Zealand (maybe one day!).  I enjoy creating art in a variety of mediums - painting (oil and acrylic), weaving, embroidery, felting and all in an array of muted natural colours. My forethought in creating any and all work is to express beauty and emotion onto my canvas. I love to depict the way that open skies and open waters make me feel so I paint nature in the abstract through organic flowing shapes.

I always knew that making art was what I wanted to do - ever since I was a little girl drawing in my journals (and almost every other surface) everyday. Even though I loved to create I struggled to accept this for a long time and I tried to veer myself in other directions while in school and in University. It wasn't until I took a hiatus from Univeristy and traveled half way around the world to New Zealand and Australia, that I started to become more open to the idea of choosing a career I could love.  New Zealand changed my perspective on life and it did the same for my partner (now husband). It brought a softness to our lives and newfound love for nature.

It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I threw myself fully into making and selling art. I finally realized how important it was for me to show my children that I was following my dreams. And my hope is that they do the same in the future. 

My current work is influenced by my natural surroundings - the prairies and the rocky mountains.  I love to depict nature in the abstract through the use of muted, neutral and organic colours. There is something so serene about painting skyscapes and landscapes that I want to translate that feeling with the colours I use. My hope is to translate this serenity to my viewers.


"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" - BrenΓ© Brown