Learning Resources for Artists

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Here are some resources and websites I wish I had known about when I wanted to turn my love for painting into a full time business. The internet feels like a really open abyss when you want to start something, but everywhere you go you need to pay for every little bit of information and how do you know what is worth paying for right out of the gate? While I do believe you should pay for someones expertise, I don't think you should have to pay for it if it is widely known information that you are seeking. I say this only because I myself paid for a couple of Instagram classes two years ago and while I did learn some things, as I researched more and joined groups all of that information was given quite freely.

There are so many resources out there for small business and artists; especially once you start searching Pinterest! So Many blog posts to read and sift through to find valuable information. So to save you a little bit of time I've compiled the sites and groups that have been the most helpful to myself. 

I hope these sites help you as much as they are helping me!



There are tons of resources out there if you go onto Pinterest and Google. 

Britt Bass has some really great articles on her website promoting Shanna Skidmores business coaching class, but her posts are full of great information!

Tara Leaver also has some really great resources on her blog as well.

I have purchase Clair Bremner's E-Book Painting Money and do find this resource to be well worth the price if you are interested in having a resource with everything in one place!

I do plan on creating my own blog posts of business tips and markets tips in the future. stay tuned for those! You Can subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed!

Marysia Champ