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A few years ago when my youngest was a baby and I only had 1 to look after I was talking to a mom of multiple older children (some in school and some not) and she was telling me how crazy the end of the school year gets.  I was naive and didn't understand it at all at the time. I just thought things would be easier when my kids were in school! Which is sort of true, but also the schedule becomes tighter and more things need to fit into that schedule. Now after only 1 full year of school I get it. May and June are absolutely crazy months. Everything is needing to be wrapped up while the learning is still happening, most of the school trips and activities were done during this time and the kids are anticipating summer daily. Luckily for us my husband is a teacher and we now we have two months of freedom (although I'm hoping to get my husband to take the kids to the park daily so I can work ha!) We've got a bucket list of spray parks, kite flying, biking, finding new parks and whatever else we can do outside! 

All of that to say here is what I am currently working on in my studio! As I did manage small bits of time over the past two months to work on paper studies!

Marysia Champ