Creativity and Kids

inspiring creative kids.jpg

Encouraging creativity and fostering that for my children is extremely important to myself and my family. I took a class in University all about creativity. This class mostly focused on the book written by Ken Robinson called Out of Our Minds. I was even able to see him give a lecture at our teacher's convention a few years ago. If you are interested there is also a ted talk linked here.


The benefits of creativity are incredibly important and schools are completely lacking in fostering creativity because it is counter intuitive to the way we teach. After only one year of my son being in school and I can already see it. Yes he has much better and defined drawing skills, but he is already hesistant now to "use the wrong colour". At home I like to encourage the use of any and all colours, to create whatever their hands tell them to create. And I hope to continue this even as my children grow older. I show them the importance of playing with paint myself and creating for the sake of creating. They love to ask me what I'm painting and I love to ask them what they see in my work. There is never a wrong answer!


The benefits of encouraging creativity are ten fold because - it can make you a better problem solver, you can adapt more easily to difficult situations and are able to go with the flow and most importantly you develop confidence. All this to say that home is safe space to create anything in my books. We need schools to teach our children, but I feel that allowing my children to create freely really encourages them to do something for themselves. Bonus my kids don't fight when they are painting, playing with play doh or drawing!

I have everything at an accessible level for all of my kids except for the scissors (only my oldest can reach those), but otherwise markers, crayons, pencils, paint, play doh, cookie cutters, paper (we get the rolls at ikea), weaving looms and yarn are all within each reach for my kids!

Marysia Champ