Online Shop Launching July 2018!

I've been wanting to officially launch my online shop for months now and I am finally doing it this summer!


Part of the delay has been fear. I'm not sure why as I've been selling my work at markets for almost a year now and selling in person is way more stressful than selling online. But the fear is there and it's quite real. 

Another thing that has stopped me is my need to perfect my bodies of work, which also means I have scrapped and gessoed not just one, but quite a few paintings this past year. I have been painting, drawing and creating mixed media art seriously since high school and even sold pieces along the way, but having my art online feels like a whole new ball game of perfectionism. 

All this to say that I have photographed and am now prepping the listings for my first collection launching online!

I'll still be at markets this fall for all the locals who prefer to see works in person, but as an avid online shopper myself this can't come soon enough!

Marysia Champ