11 Reasons to Hang Original Art in a Kids Room

I'm here today to tell you why you need original art in your kids bedrooms!

This does not just mean buying beautiful original art, but also think of framing special pieces your kids have made. My own kids love to decorate their rooms with their own art and art I have bought as well. They do also like to tape up their favourite drawings around our home as well! And I love spreading that joy of letting them have original paintings into their personal spaces.

My kids are fairly young (2, 4 and 5), but they absolutely cherish having special pieces on their picture ledges and walls and definitely notice if I try to move things around (which I like to do quite often in our home). They know that the art is not to be touched or played with, but they do love dictating where I put these pieces in their room. So with that said here are 10 reasons why you need original art in your kids room!

  1. They get up close and personal. Only original art offers kids a sensory experience with the chunky paint strokes, grainy textiles, and small imperfections that make it beautiful.
  2. They get to know the artist behind the painting. You can tell them the story behind the artist, who they are, where they're from, what inspires them and why they create. And you can share more of their work to your children.
  3. Early exposure to art is an important part of a child’s development. Children who are exposed to art begin to build personal preferences and favourite colors and styles as young as two years old.
  4. They can admire how a work of art is made and learn the process themselves. Original art comes with an original process. Watching a painter demonstrate how art is made is an invaluable experience for everyone. Watching someone else create will fuel their own desire to create something.
  5. They’ll aspire to be artists. Professional art in a child’s bedroom keeps the idea alive of an artist as possible vocation or future hobby and that it's a starving profession.
  6. They’ll remember they already are artists. Hanging original work next to your child’s work is a gesture that celebrates their creative talents- good enough to be “professional!”
  7. Art creates an environment that fosters creativity and play. Art is inspiring and can drive that passion for your children to create and for you to join them. Art is a safe space to create something new without fear or judgment. There is no wrong in what they create. 
  8. Buying original art creates a memory. Your child will treasure the experience of handpicking art out for her room at the Webster Arts Fair and taking it home to hang.
  9. Less screen time - art will inspire your kids to get off the couch and start making.
  10. They’ll learn that there is value in handmade work. Kids hardly ever see where a product comes from and original art is a great way to show and teach this process to our children. Original art communicates the time and love that go into each piece.
  11. Original art is incredibly tactile - Original art is full of texture in detail especially compared to a poster or print which is flat and sometimes even washed out of the finer details. Children notice the fine details in not only a painting, but also weavings, screen print, masks, ceramics etc and the tactility is a strong reminder of how handmade that piece of art is. 
Marysia Champ