Art Supplies - Canadian Retail Shops Resource Guide

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I love shopping for art supplies and supporting local shops, however there are times when I just don't have enough time to shop in person or I need a specific paint or supply that I cannot find locally so I need to shop online. Being able to shop online and have it delivered to your door is sometimes just what you need, but you still need it to be local so that you aren't paying import fees and duties. I have put together this guide, because it took me quite some time to find Canadian art shops online. I have shopped from a few of them and the others have been referenced to me. Some of these shops also offer local pick up depending on which city you live in like Edmonton, or Toronto which can be an added bonus!

Art Supply Shops

Above Ground Art Supplies

Art Shack


Delta Art



Paint Spot


Ceramic Supplies

Sounding Stone

Wood Supplies


If you have had any experience shopping on these sites, or know of any others please comment below! Happy art supply shopping to you!

Marysia Champ