The 100 Day Project Day 4

I am still at the very beginning of this project, but the daily practice of painting has been incredibly therapeutic so far. It has forced me to make time for myself every night and is slowly renewing/repairing my relationship with painting. And igniting my drive to create art again.


After university I stopped painting and I completely lost my creative drive. I had very few teachers who allowed free creativity in our work - which was understandable since each class was meant to teach a specific skill or work with certain materials (composition, figure drawing, landscapes, sculptures etc). There was a lot of creativity bound by constraints and boundaries and it never sat well with me and it made me completely unhappy with my work. I wrestled with finding time to create my own work along with my assignments. I am still so glad that I took these classes, but it has taken me a long time to recover my confidence in my own work and my own creativity. I am really looking forward to how I will feel and how I paint on day 100.