Inspiring Creatives - Devon Walz

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I love how easy it is to connect with current artists with social media and the internet. When I was growing up I honestly didn't really realize what kind of art communities were out there. I knew of artists selling there were works in galleries, but that was about the extent of my knowledge. I had no idea that there were artists doing it on their own and the idea that they could be living and selling their art almost seemed unfathomable. I was told repeatedly that becoming an artist would mean I would be poor. When I reached university my professors introduced me to current artists that were in galleries and others who were not. However it wasn't until after university that I started to really discover this world of artists creating and selling art all on their own. Insert huge gasp from me! Finding these other artists through instagram, etsy and pinterest is just always so exciting. I will be showcasing once a month or so fellow artists (painters, ceramicists, drawers, metal workers, fiber artists, textile artists etc) who I find inspiring in their work and process.

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This month I have been feeling inspired by Devon Walz. I came across her IG feed from Carve Out Time For Art who had her do a day in the life on their instagram. She had just introduced her creative souls summit where she had interviewed fellow creative women/entrepreneurs. If you have not watched these interviews I urge you to go and listen! I have not only felt inspired by her work, but the way in which she presents her process and her work.

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Marysia Champ