The 100 day project

I'm so excited to be joining the 100 day project this year! I found out about it last year, but I didn't have the energy to join as I was extremely pregnant and the project would end a few weeks after my due date and I am definitely the type of person to beat myself up for not finishing a project. So instead I followed others and created daily when I could.

This time I have the intention of doing 100 days of painted textiles. I want to see how this evolves my style as an artist as I have been looking for ways to combine my love of weaving with my love of painting. I'll be playing along on instagram using the #100daysofpaintedtextiles if you want to follow along!

The project starts on April 4 this year and ends on July 12. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this will challenge me in many creative ways!

Marysia Champ