Why I paint - where chaos meets transquility

why i paint where chaos meets tranquility in my studio.jpg

I paint because it soothes me, each dab of paint is a relief, each movement a breath of fresh air, each brush stroke brings serenity. I don't make political remarks, controversial statements, asking difficult questions or questioning beliefs with my work. No. My work is about the process and that process is about creating calm in the chaos.

As a mother my days are full of absolutely beautiful chaos and painting through that chaos is a gift. However as a human being the world is full of chaos I sometimes struggle to comprehend and painting is a way for me to navigate that stress and give back beauty to a world that I love and cherish. Painting allows me to express and create something full of exquisite beauty and provides me with expressions without having to use words.

My subject matter isn't necessarily chosen but is rather the product of my movements. I have always been chasing fluidity in my brushstrokes with the paint to create seamless transitions in colour, texture and flow. Creating smooth strokes in my work has ended up with me painting open skies, landscapes and seascapes.


I think that I could paint for a lifetime - chasing fluid tranquility.

Marysia Champ