Inspiring Creatives - Lucy Poskitt

inspiring creatives lucy poskitt textiles.jpg

Today I am showcasing textile artist Lucy Poskitt. I took a tapestry weaving class from her about a year and a half ago and it was such a great experience to learn new techniques from her! I loved the way she taught and allowed her students to explore new ideas rather than copy a set template. Weaving can feel incredibly therapeutic and methodical especially when you you have to think about how each section has to come together to complete the whole vision of your piece.

Her textile pieces are true pieces of art and I love watching her show the process on her Instagram feed. I love how she uses traditional techniques of image based tapestries, but that she also creates these abstract yardage based gradient pieces.

Lucy also puts together some amazing weaving fiber texture packs with the most incredible and unusual fibers and non fiber items! I have seen her include dyed horse hair, rope, sari silk, gold foil, paper yarn etc.

" The idea behind these packs is that you'll have an opportunity to try out some premium conventional AND rare, one-off and hard-to find materials in your weavings- stuff that can't be easily sourced or maybe you never thought of trying out before, that will push your weaving game in new directions."

Marysia Champ