Trying New Mediums - Oil Paint

oil paint.jpg

I have been wanting to try oil paints for quite some time now, but I have been scared to make the commitment. What if it didn't work out and I invested money into something I didn't like? What if I hated them like the first time I tried them a decade ago? What if what if what if? I was full of what ifs, but I still couldn't shake the thought of trying them again. I just couldn't take the plunge until they went on sale. So I stalked the coupons and when they went on sale I bought 4 colours to start with and I fell in love!


My very first oil painting and I felt like I was finally able to create what was in my head all along. The smoothness, the blending, the texture - everything just came together so naturally on my canvas. So of course I'm beating myself up for not doing this sooner. But the truth is the first time I tried oil paints was back in high school and the only thing I got to paint at the time was still life (fruits and vases) which was definitely not my favorite subject.


I finally feel like I am headed in the right direction with my work using this new medium. Open skies - open possibilities.

Marysia Champ