my story

Photo by Heart and Sparrow.

Marysia Champ is an abstract modern visual and textile artist living on the Canadian prairies. She paints, weaves, embroiders and felts wall hangings that are full of muted colours, textures and layers to depict nature in the abstract. Her work is completely freeform and one of a kind.

Marysia's practice is influenced by her natural surroundings - the prairies and the rocky mountains. She explores nature in her work through the use and mix of muted colours, neutral colours and texture to depict nature in the abstract. In addition the wool used is sourced mostly from Canadian farms and has been minimally processed (which means there can still be small pieces of hay or grass found in the wool!). The materials used in her work are just as important as the work itself. When you put a tapestry on your wall, the hope is that it brings a little connection to nature in your home.

She enjoys working with a variety of mediums and creates multi media pieces in addition to paintings and weavings. She enjoys working with acrylic and watercolour paint -not only on stretched canvas but other substrates as well such as wood panel, fabric, wool, handmade paper.

Marysia previously studied The Visual Arts at the University of Calgary for three years before taking a hiatus to start a family. As her family has grown she has started to find a balance between being an artist and a mother.


"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" - BrenΓ© Brown